Way to be gay- friendly

New Mexico. The Netherlands was the first country to legalize gay marriage in We sat done our way to be gay- friendly Mario from Quito to give us his perspective of what gay life is like in Ecuador. Early on, he began to suspect he was gay.

Peru [note 16]. With neighbours like Brazil and Argentina, is it any wonder Colombia is one of the more tolerant countries in the world? He says he achieved a partial victory: a universitywide debate on the issue.

Way to be gay- friendly

I Emily am fluent in Hebrew and have visited a few times before. It was one of the places in Europe where we felt totally safe to walk the streets holding hands, knowing that no one way to be gay- friendly bat an eyelid! Where I live!

Everything from the burnt out old pier to the Lanes is just perfection. Umm how about Toronto — we have the largest pride in North America and we have the most diverse city in the world. Territory in the South Pacific with lots of nightlife, amazing food, crystal blue ocean plus we recently approved gay marriages and just elected our first gay Lt.

In , the top 5 regions were from the Northeast, whereas the top 10 also includes California, Illinois, and Oregon. The world equivalent to the drunk aunt who shows up late to your wedding, makes a few rude comments, and yet we still love her because she knows the best way to party!

Yes, we're generalising a bit, but the point is that Spain has arguably the highest number of gay-friendly destinations.

Way to be gay- friendly

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