Undercover sting in a neighborhood known for gay resorts

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Subscription Manage Account. Brand Publishing. InThe Times reported on an operation in which the undercover sting in a neighborhood known for gay resorts helped arrest 31 men accused of engaging in gay sex at private clubs in Long Beach. The judge noted that the Long Beach police vice unit had conducted a series of stings spanning two years that used only male officers to arrest male suspects seeking sex with other men.

Departments will now post uniformed officers near cruising hot spots or improve lighting and trim trees and bushes in areas known for public sex.

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They were paid for each arrest and offered their services to other major cities, she said. Long Beach police said they conduct decoy undercover sting in a neighborhood known for gay resorts only in response to public complaints. But in recent years, critics of the stings have gained traction as public attitudes about homosexuality and gay rights have shifted.

If your comments are inappropriate, you may be banned from posting. Of course, the First Amendment does not protect anyone from the consequences of their words, and presumably a judge knows that. Decoy operations are necessary to make arrests, officials said, because the crime of lewd conduct is a misdemeanor that requires officers to witness the conduct to justify an arrest.

Kamala Harris should be the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate.

In Long Beach, gay-rights activists said they were troubled — and surprised — to see stings still being deployed in a city with a vibrant LGBT community and an openly gay mayor. Sport videos. Update newsletter preferences.

Undercover sting in a neighborhood known for gay resorts

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  • Undercover police stings targeting gay men . when officers arrested 19 men in an undercover sting in a neighborhood known for gay resorts. The Warm Sands neighborhood where the sting took place is a mishmash A local gay magazine ranks the resorts, most of which are well-kept inns, by During the police sting, the undercover officer called out to men.
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  • The Warm Sands neighborhood in Palm Springs was a known cruising area with several gay resorts. In June, , Palm Springs police performed a four-night undercover sex sting in the area and arrested twenty-four men. 19 men were arrested in a Palm Springs neighborhood with several gay resorts. as an undercover decoy along a beach trail known for gay cruising (​Chibarro had used undercover stings eleven times just since (Branson-​Potts and.
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  • An Indio judge who upheld charges in the Warm Sands sex sting case six targeted gay men in an undercover public sex sting. .. sex in the Warm Sands neighborhood, a well-known gay hookup scene. For four nights, on a city block surrounded by gay resorts, undercover cops approached men on. Supporters and opponents of gay rights, in a state on the front line of the battle home from bars and nightclubs in the Warm Sands neighbourhood of They noted that only one of the city's 99 serving police officers is openly gay. Roger Tansey, a lawyer for six victims of the sting, told The Independent.
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  • that one of the most famous pop stars in the world was outed as gay. act by an undercover police officer in a public toilet in Beverly Hills. Ongoing police undercover lewd conduct sting operations directed at targeting only gay men in a gay neighborhood known as Warm Sands. its lewd conduct policy to tell officers that stings should be used only 'as a last resort.​'”). These.
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  • To fight crime in Miami's Edgewater neighborhood, police have traded in their Corruption inquiry spreads to UAW lakeside resort - Photo . Undercover Prostitution Sting Snares the Mighty in Miami / Priest, judge among those "I want the public to know that people are tired of these folks," he said.
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