The gay presidential candidate met his husband

Truman and Buddy have a sizable social media following of their own— their Twitter account currently has a following of more The gay presidential candidate met his husband 75k—which is no surprise, because every single update is a joy.

Thanks for a great convo today nyudems! Chasten is taking a break from his day job as a junior high school humanities and drama teacher at a South Bend Montessori school to work full-time on his husband's presidential bid.

Democrats in the room immediately began pulling up the executive summary on their phones, The gay presidential candidate met his husband of them seeing the report for the first time, according to lawmakers.

Close icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Supreme Court, Buttigieg is considering the alternative of adding five more justices to the current Court structure. The secret gay history of Islam. He is currently running as a Democratic presidential candidate.

Their first date carried on in similar rom-com fashion. They bonded over Scotch eggs, as you do, then watched a baseball game, which featured fireworks.

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Pete and Chasten, who were married a year ago, have an incredibly sweet and supportive relationship which has won them—and their dogs—a devoted following of fans. He currently serves as an advisor for the The gay presidential candidate met his husband National Security Project, a progressive national security organization.

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  • It was — a cheesier kind of person might say — love at first swipe.
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  • As previously reported , earlier this month, Buttigieg asserted during a fundraising event that those who take issue with his homosexuality rather have a problem with his Maker.
  • When same-sex marriage was legalized in Massachusetts in , Mark LeMiere came to Provincetown, a storied gay mecca at the tip of Cape Cod, to tie the knot with his partner of 20 years. The pair were there again Friday, amazed to be attending a rally for the first serious gay presidential candidate.
  • Three years later and they were married, an occasion marked by The New York Times. Meet they did that August, and Chasten moved in by the end of the following year, according to the Times.
  • After months of speculation, Pete Buttigieg — the year-old mayor of South Bend, Indiana — has announced his candidacy for president of the United States. Were he to win the Democratic ticket, and eventually the election, he would make history on a number of fronts, becoming the youngest ever president as well as the first to be openly gay.
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Buttigieg's mother, Jennifer, is a linguist and hails from Indiana. Having earned his master's at DePaul University, Chasten became a junior high school teacher and taught at Montessori Academy in Indiana. Both are from the Midwest, and they bonded over their shared love of local food on a first date in September Joe Raedle Getty Images.

If elected president, Buttigieg would form a bipartisan commission to explore the best and most viable options.

The gay presidential candidate met his husband

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