Or maybe type gay bar athens in

These sites have attracted crowds for millennia. Athens has been on our list to visit for our long time! One gem of a rembetika club that few people know about is in the neighborhood of Kypseli, right off Fokionos Negri, a pedestrianized avenue that is like a long narrow park that starts down by Patission street about a half mile beyond the National Museum.

They usually advertise their bands with well designed and beautiful posters that or maybe type gay bar athens in will see around town and in the record shops and cafes.

or maybe type gay bar athens in

Get the best rates directly from the Hotel. Rooster — Refreshing chicken dishes, fast, friendly service, and a cozy garden setting. Take the Blue line Metro and get off at the stop "Kerameikos", which is right in the center of Gazi.

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The high ceilings and crowded dance floor will whip you up into a nocturnal frenzy! We went to Pireaus and got a ferry out to Poros which was idylic and we went out of town one day to Corinth. Top questions about Athens. Klathmonos Square. The recently renovated Acropolis Museum houses many ancient, priceless artifacts and statues from the surrounding city, and lots more from this unparalleled era of history.

  • I will be in Athens for 2 nights beginning on Monday, September 3. Are there any Gay dance clubs that are open Monday or Tuesday nights?
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  • I am a 32 year UK gay guy travelling to Athens on my own in October. Also, are taxi's plentiful come night fall?
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Luckily, we spent 10 days in Athens, made friends with some locals and got to explore the gay scene. In my opinion this is the best bar in Athens and over the Christmas holidays I ended most nights here. Fresh Hotel Athens — This is a stylish, modern and trendy hotel with a rooftop bar.

Level Contributor. Restaurants and shops on every corner with a busy, bustling atmosphere. Listen to cool traditional jazz and blues as well as stuff like Frank Sinatra, big band and music that your parents might have listened to if you don't.

Or maybe type gay bar athens in

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  • All I know is that usually gay-friendly bars are down town in the Area of Gkazi, but nothing more. Try the timeout website, it's the only thing I can think of, or maybe type gay bar athens in your search machine. Taxis are found easily in the centre of Athens, no matter day or night! Just to be on the safe side, ask the hotel reseption to give. A bit late for the original post but here goes anyway. Was in Athens at the weekend, didn't do any clubs but found the bars to be a bit quiet. Went to Aleko's island in Psiri and it was closed. The Blue Tram in Gazi was our favourite but it was fairly tame (good music though and this area is great). Big Bar down the street is a bar for "Bears" and again, OK but it was farily quiet.
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  • 19 reviews of Little Kings Shuffle Club "Really cool bar with lots of outdoor seating. Cool vibes and everyone's chill. Really nice attentive bartenders and a lot of outdoor fun (ping pong was fun). Cheap drinks and 25+ so pretty mature crowd."4/5(19). Gay Sunset Bar @ Elysium – This famous gay hotel in Mykonos is one of the best places on the island to enjoy the sunset and is a bit of a ritual. Themed nights, live Dj’s and glam cocktails – but it’s almost too trendy now with everybody competing to be the hottest gay man on the island.
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  • The DJ here is far superior than the one at the "other gay bar" and will take requests providing the gratuity is enough. Dancing is almost impossible as the floor is tiny and for some reason hosts a part of the bar. Come early for decent parking or it is the unlit gravel lot behind the houses. Oct 23,  · And the previous mentions of these "cabaret" clubs are maybe 15 years ago (lapdances were naked at the time and softer music than the techno today). My favourites the past months have been Athens Queens and Golden Queens. Just enter Cabaret club into Google maps. For me these are better and cheaper than German FKK.
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