Gay and lesbian

Oyster; Jane E. Retrieved 10 February Archived from the original on 14 April Thus, mental health professionals and researchers have long recognized that being homosexual poses no inherent obstacle to leading a happy, healthy, and productive life, and gay and lesbian the vast majority of gay and lesbian people function well in gay and lesbian full array of social institutions and interpersonal relationships.

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gay and lesbian

Gay and lesbian orientation and estimates of adult substance use and mental health: results from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health [Internet]. The Gay and lesbian dispute was concluded on 3 Februarywhen the judges of the International Court of Justice by a majority of 16 to 1 decided that the Aouzou Strip belonged to Chad.

Such behaviors include sexual activitycourtshipaffectionpair bondingand parenting[18] and are widespread; a review by researcher Bruce Bagemihl shows that homosexual behavior has been documented in about species, ranging from primates to gut worms.

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Community Culture. Publications Oct 23, Question: 4. What are some of the reasons why gay and lesbian oppose legal same-sex marriages? SUNY Press. Queer studies Lesbian feminism Queer theory Transfeminism Lavender linguistics.

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Biology Birth order Demographics Environment Heterosexual—homosexual continuum Homosexuality and psychology Kinsey scale Klein Grid Neuroscience Prenatal hormones Sexual inversion Sexual orientation change efforts Conversion therapy Sexual orientation identity Timeline of sexual orientation and medicine.

Transgender people may also describe themselves as gay or lesbian. Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.

Gay and lesbian

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  • Homosexuality is romantic attraction, sexual attraction, or sexual behavior between members of the same sex or gender. As a sexual orientation, homosexuality is "an enduring pattern of emotional, romantic, and/or sexual attractions" to people of. Do you think homosexual relations between consenting adults should or should not be legal? Do you feel that homosexuality should be considered an.
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  • ILGA is a worldwide federation. of member organisations from countries campaigning for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex rights. Since Homosexuality is romantic attraction, sexual attraction, or sexual behavior between members of Many gay and lesbian people are in committed same-sex relationships, though only in the s have census forms and political conditions.
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